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Something has been lost. Our nation is in trouble. We are in a wilderness. America and New Jersey need new, bold leadership. For several years now I have been listening to people in my congregation, the community, New Jersey and across the nation – yearning, hoping for principled, inspiring, decisive, solution-based, sacrificial leadership. I am now convinced that I am that kind of leader. And so here I am, actively asking God and myself, “What should I be doing about that?” Well, I believe in second chances and I believe it’s time for A Politics of Redemption – an empowering fusion of spiritual, governance, cultural, community, and economic visions and policies; and my platform is called New Jersey’s Second Chance. I ask for your thoughts and prayers. www.christopherbwolf.com

A little over a year ago, I wrote, “I am a Christian, a husband and a father, a citizen, a leader, a small church pastor; and I believe in a second chance for New Jersey and America. If God leads and opens the doors, my response is “Here am I; send me.” Well, I still believe, and last night God opened a door – I introduced the framework of a political, spiritual and cultural platform titled, “New Jersey’s Second Chance” at the Bergen County GOP Women’s meeting at which I was the invited inspirational speaker. I invite your prayers, support, and encouragement. I continue to leave all of this in God’s hands. Blessings, Christopher


New Jersey’s Second Chance – A Vision for a Resurgent State and GOP

Introduction – 1976 Memorial Day Parade in Fair Lawn


  1. Losing Our Way – The Wilderness
    • In our striving for greatness, we’re losing our goodness.
    • In our maintaining the status quo, we’re dimming the future for us and those to come.
    • In our warping of personal freedom, we’re losing our humanity and sense of community.
    • In our drive for wealth and stuff, we’re losing what is valuable and sacred.
    • In our desire for fame and exposure, we’re left with illusion and little that’s real.
    • In our worship of politics, government, and the material, we’re losing faith.


“Only embraced endings, permit new beginnings.” Walter Brueggemann


  1. The Second Chance – A Vision
  • Principled – The Power of Belief
  • Life and Liberty
  • Citizen and Community Centered
  • Prosperity Driven
  • Government – Essential and Innovative
  • Strengthened families


III. Pursuing The Vision

  • In Covenant
  • Missional
  • Authentic
  • Bold, Sacrificial Leadership
  • Honorable and Just
  • Solution Based

IV. The Questions

  • Are we willing to acknowledge the truth of where we are?
  • Are we willing to let go of “just being” and embrace a new way?
  • Are we willing to lose before we win?


Conclusion – Still worth it?




Rev. Christopher B. Wolf

Numbers 16:48

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Things that usually don’t happen in comfort zones: Healing; Forgiving others; Growing closer to God; Seeking justice; Sharing the Gospel; Sacrificially loving others; Letting go of anger, grief and the past; New starts; healthier living; Reconciliation with family and friends and more. See, in our comfort zones, it’s about us – even as believers – but when we step out of the boat (Matthew 14:22-33) then it’s faith – because outside of the comfort zone – we need to rely on and stay focused on Him. So, are you stuck in the comfort zone? Are you ready to step out in faith toward a godly purpose? And yes, risk involves the possibility of what some call failure…but even if we stumble and fail while moving toward God – it’s still winning. If you are comfortable, please share how I can pray for you to move out of the comfort zone.

Enough death! It surrounds us – but there is a higher, greater power that delivers us and that enables us to overcome the things keeping us prisoners! God is calling us to truly live! Please watch.


In life and ministry, I have seen a lot of disease, addiction and death. A lot of cancer, heart disease, ALS and more. But I have to tell you that there is something very powerful and harmful that you will never see on a medical chart or death certificate. It’s heartbreak. Broken hearts. It might not take lives as suddenly as the others but it is deadly in its own way. Yet, I am still hopeful and I want you to be too. “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted…(Psalm 34:18)” and “He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted…(Isaiah 61:1).” These are just a few examples of the Bible addressing heartbreak. Jesus came to rescue hearts – from sin, from the trappings of this world, and yes from grief, fatigue, and hurt too. If you are among the brokenhearted tonight – please know I am praying for you – but more importantly – God desires to heal and and renew your heart and life. No heart and no amount of brokenness is beyond His hand. Healing starts with a reach…Reach for Him.